15 Tips for Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

15 Tips for Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

Pregnancy period is a wonderful phase in a women’s life.

Pregnancy period is a wonderful phase in a women’s life. The normal period of pregnancy will be 40 weeks or sometimes it may be little more than 9 months.

However, extra care must be taken by the women during pregnancy both physically and emotionally.

15 Tips for Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

So, to have a healthy baby without any problems or complications,

just follow the basic pregnancy care tips:

1. The very first thing is consult your doctor as soon as you find that you are a pregnant and get good advice for a healthy pregnancy from the beginning.

2. The second most important aim of pregnant women is having a healthy and balanced diet. Try to eat fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables daily as you wish.

Have protein rich food such as fish, eggs, pulses, nuts, lean meat, milk, cheese, ghee cashew nuts etc.

15 Tips for Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

3. Eat fish twice or thrice a week, because fish is packed with full of proteins, minerals, vitamin-D and Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acid plays a key role in development of baby’s nervous system.

4. It is very important to eat iron rich food like meat, green leafy vegetables, egg, jaggery, liver etc to avoid anemia.

5. Better to go with regular physical activities like exercising for a good strength and endurance that all you need to carry the baby.

Pregnant women can choose exercises like swimming, yoga, brisk walking, light asana and walking which in turn said to be helpful for a normal delivery.

But, however you have to consult your personal doctor before undergoing the above physical activities.

6. Stop drinking alcohol. Because heavy intake of alcohol can reaches the baby very soon via blood stream and placenta.

And sometimes this may lead to serious birth defects like facial and heart defects, mental retardation, growth issues etc.

15 Tips for Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

7. Smoking heavily during pregnancy can cause more serious health issues like premature birth, low birth weight, miscarriage and sometimes baby loss at birth.

15 Tips for Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

8. Try to concentrate on oral health. Make sure going for regular dental checkups, floss fairly and regularly, brush twice a day.

15 Tips for Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

9. Avoid long driving and traveling, this may lead to miscarrying of the baby.

10. Concentrate on loose and comfortable dressing, better to opt cotton materials.

11. Stop using high heel footwear during pregnancy and start using flat heel footwear.

12. Do not take X-Rays particularly in first three months, because x-rays may some times harm the baby’s eyes, heart, and nervous system. Proceed only if there is a big necessity of an x-ray.

13. Take lots of water to avoid urinal infections and free stool passing.

14. Do not expose to chemicals, radiation, smoke, poisonous gas etc which are more hazardous to you and the baby development

15 Tips for Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

15. Take some rest and get proper sleep (At least 7-8 hours at night and 1-2 hours in the afternoon). Put your feet up by placing a pillow under the feet and try lying on your left hand side by bending your knees. This will helps for good blood circulation.

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