Healthy Desserts: Full Taste With Zero Guilt!

Healthy Desserts: Full Taste With Zero Guilt!

Everybody loves deserts but you don’t have to sacrifice good taste if you are curious enough to try eating healthy desserts.

Traditional desserts (unlike the healthy desserts) nowadays put a lot of people off making them or eating them just thinking how unhealthy they can be.

They are becoming a treat rather than part of your daily food because of the worry regarding excessive fats and sugars which desserts can have. Healthy desserts are now easy and affordable to make, meaning that you can make them easily at home.

Benefits of healthy desserts
Healthier desserts

Dessert is classified as a course which follows a meal, usually consisting of something sweet. Although every culture has a different idea of what a dessert is, in France they tend to eat strong cheeses and in Greece they eat honey and nuts following a meal. Other people choose to eat fruit but there is a doubt if this is an actual dessert.

People always think that healthy desserts are boring and tasteless; this is far from the truth. Another misconception is that healthy desserts are only fruit, or have a large quantity of fruit in them. Again this is untrue and although you can put fruit in your healthy dessert you do not need to.

Doctors and health professionals are urging people to swap to healthy desserts; they have seen a steady increase in obese and overweight people over the last few years. They claim this is because of the desserts we now eat, and want to see people eating healthier diets.

There are many recipes now available for you to make a healthy dessert; you can either find them on the internet or in a book store. Taking them from the internet will save you money as you will not need to buy the recipe book, but some people prefer to have the books to refer back to time after time.

Healthy desserts recipes
Different types of healthy desserts

Be careful when looking at recipes online, they will often claim to be healthy desserts, but will not change a lot of the ingredients so the effects are the same as eating the original dessert.

Using artificial sweeteners and sugar free Jello are great ways to make tasty but healthy desserts, if you cover a bowl of strawberries in sugar free Jello it has the same amount of calories as an apple but is far more filling.

The good thing about these healthy desserts is they contain a minimum amount of sugar, and use alternatives to get the sweet taste.

In many stores now there are healthy alternatives to the fattening ingredients we would normally use, sugar free chocolate, low fat cream and sweeteners are all available at an affordable price.

You will be surprised how you can make your favorite dessert using these ingredients; it will look the same but taste so much better.

Making healthy desserts are not only ideal if you want to lose weight, but they are a perfect alternative if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The occasional full fat dessert is great and you will not feel so guilty, as you know every other dessert you eat is a healthy one.

We tend to eat things from habit, and once you break the habit of eating, full fat sugary desserts then you can experience healthy desserts to the maximum.

Sugar Free Desserts: A Different Kind of Sweetness!

Sugar free desserts
Sugar-free desserts without artificial sweeteners

While desserts are typically sweet, they don’t have to contain sugar! Along with salt and fat, sugar is one of the main culprits of today’s health problems.

At first, the most practical option might seem to be skipping dessert altogether. While that’s definitely a choice you could make, it’s not necessarily a practical one.

The Solution Is To Eat Sugar Free Desserts

While these desserts can deliver the same sweetness as desserts containing sugar, you won’t have to worry about the drawbacks of sugar.

What are the main ones?

One of the main problems with refined sugar is that it’s a simple carbohydrate, rather than a complex carbohydrate. It becomes a particularly serious problem when your level of physical activity isn’t high enough.

The sugars turn to fat!

However, clinical studies show that sugar doesn’t just make you overweight. It can also contribute to the development of some diabetes types. It can cause the hardening of your arteries, which can result in heart disease. And it can increase the amount of bad cholesterol (read more on the topic at in your body.

Another health problem that a high intake of refined sugar can cause is tooth decay. Whether it’s the sugar in candy bars, cookies, or cakes, eating too much refined sugar can turn trips to the dentist, into nightmares. Besides damaging your teeth, refined sugar can also contribute to gum disease.

Besides negatively affecting your body, refined sugars can also negatively affect your behavior. It can contribute to mood swings, hyperactivity, and even depression. While desserts with refined sugars can create a “high” in us, it’s not a natural high.

One of the solutions to reducing your intake of sugar is to eat sugar free desserts.

Here are some ideas for enjoying healthier desserts when you have a sweet tooth:

1. Juice Concentrate

Juice concentrate
Benefits of juice concentrate

Juice concentrate is one of the best substitutes for refined sugar. Whether you’re making a cake or a pie, you can use concentrates such as apple and orange to make your desserts sweet without using sugar.

2. Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit desserts
Fresh fruit dessert inspiration

This is one of the tastiest and wholesome sugar free desserts available. While fruit is sweet, it won’t cause the various health ailments that refined sugar does. Simply slice it up and then serve it to your family or guests. Yes, it’s that simple!

3. Honey

Healthy Desserts: Full Taste With Zero Guilt!
Honey the best natural sugar substitute

This is definitely one of the best natural sugar substitutes that you can use. It will sweeten your desserts, without creating the health dangers that refined sugar does. As a word of caution, keep in mind that honey is also high in calories and carbs!

4. Fructose

Fructose is excellent alternative to sugar
Fructose for healthy desserts

Avoid high-fructose corn syrup (which is often contained in sodas) like the plague. However, small amounts of fructose from fruits can be an excellent alternative to refined sugar. Also, fructose is sweeter than refined sugar, so you won’t need to use as much of it in your desserts.

Yes, it’s possible to enjoy sugar free desserts while retaining the sweetness of refined sugar. And not only are natural sugar substitutes tasty, but they’re also healthy! So indulge your sweet tooth without promoting cavities in it.

Enjoy the Most Flavorful Low Carb Desserts

Low carb desserts without artificial sweeteners
Benefits of low carb desserts

With more and more people being aware of what they are eating and following strict diets finding a dessert that you can eat can be tough. Low carb desserts are ideal; there is nothing worse than being denied a dessert because you are concerned about how much sugar is in it.

Desserts are traditionally high in sugar and fat, but low calorie and low carb desserts taste as good as traditional desserts but without all the bad stuff.

Low carb desserts can be eaten in conjunction with a low carb diet or simply as an alternative. Cutting down on your carb intake is a great way to help with weight loss and for a healthy lifestyle. Dieticians would like us all to cut our carb intake to 20g-60g a day which is fine as long as you follow a healthy eating plan.

Diabetics and people, who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, benefit from a low carb diet, and they love the fact they can still enjoy treats by eating a low carb dessert.

Making low a carb dessert is easy to do and more people should try them, they are not boring as many people think.

Sugar is one of the carbs in the dessert and once you have found a suitable replacement for that then you can begin to make delicious low calorie desserts for the whole family to enjoy. Finding a replacement for flour is more tricky but there are several dessert ideas that don’t need sugar or flour.

Cheesecakes are a great low carb dessert, and the crust can be made from crackers instead of biscuits. You need to think of alternatives to ingredients, but experimenting is great fun and in the end you will come up with some great low carb dessert recipes.

Splenda is a great alternative to sugar, and can be used in your entire low carb dessert making. There is also a high selection of low carb chocolate in the stores.

Splenda low carb dessert making
Splenda for desserts

So you can make an endless supply of fantastic chocolate low carb dessert and who doesn’t like chocolate desserts?

You can order alternative ingredients online to make your low carb treats, or even order the whole desert if you really want to impress friends and family.

Many gourmet shops now have low carb desserts as part of their menus; they are easy to order, delivered to your door and delicious to eat. Even at your local store you can find many low carb ingredients and often a selection of low carb sweets on offer.

Low calorie desserts are great for a healthy alternative, and eating healthier is important for you and your family. Trying to change your lifestyle to follow a healthy one can be difficult, but with low carb and low calorie desserts this can be possible.

Don’t Miss These Amazing Healthy Desserts Recipes

You don’t have to feel that you are missing out on dessert because it is full of unhealthy ingredients. Whatever way you choose to enjoy your healthy dessert you will find that you will never go back to the unhealthy ones again.

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