How To Be Awesome At Online Shopping

Online shopping hits a lot of sweet spots.

How to be Awesome at Online Shopping

Online shopping hits a lot of sweet spots for me.

It means you can shop in your PJs from your bed (who wouldn’t want to do this?)

It also means you don’t have to strip off in badly lit fitting rooms and revel in the cellulite that you normally keep to yourself and your bedroom.

A big benefit for me is that you can try the stuff on at home with things you already have (shopping in sneakers for a cocktail dress? Never the greatest results but trying on the dresses at home with heels is perfect).

Being able to post a few parcels back within Australia (ideally free, thanks The Iconic!) all with one trip to the Post Office beats traipsing around loads of different stores, waiting in different queues, etc.

Those are the big bucks benefits, but how do you really excel at online shopping? Can you be so good at it that not a thing passes you by? Why, of course you can, with just a bit of planning.

Keep a bookmark folder of every site you visit.

This is a bit of a no brainer. Bookmark every site you’ve found that fits your style even if you haven’t shopped with them before.

Don’t just dump them into your bookmarks list, though, have a folder called MY FAVOURITE SHOPS, or whatever. If you’re really organised (or anal, you choose) you can have subfolders for things like SHOES, ACCESSORIES, FORMAL WEAR, and the like.

Subscribe to their emails.

I know you already get a gazillion emails every day from companies that you once thought you’d shop with but actually never did (hello Photobox, I’m talking to you).

Unsubscribe from these annoyances as soon as the email lands – it’s usually as simple as a couple of clicks – unless it’s Photobox and then you’re on their lists FOREEVVVVERRRRRRR.

Then subscribe to the newsletters from the shops you’re actually interested in – either set up a new email address purely for these to go to then you don’t have to have them interfering with your work emails.

Or, and this is probably more complicated, set up a folder and have them delivered directly to that. I prefer to go with the separate email address.

Newsletters are almost always where the best sales are announced – miss them at your peril.

Follow them on Instagram.

Lots of social media savvy brands are now on Instagram and Facebook, so follow them their too. Again, flash sales and new releases are often announced here.

Check out the postage and returns policies.

Lots of companies offer free postage if you spend a certain amount. It’s definitely worth getting your order up to this value if they offer free returns. Order a couple of sizes of your chosen items and you just return the ones that don’t fit free of charge. It’s almost too easy!

Check for online discounts.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this but before I order anything online I always google “Witchery online discount 2015” or whichever brand I’m shopping at.

You’ll frequently find coupons online for free shipping, or percentage off your spend. ASOS and The Iconic very often have these kinds of things floating around the internet.

Be organised with your returns.

Most online stores have a time limit within which you can return items, just like real stores. Make sure you get things returned on time so that you’re not stuck with things you don’t like or want.

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